December 7, 2022

State Police will search outside Endwell for a possible station site

As Union city officials seek payment for the use of an Endwell building as a state police station, the agency said it will consider other locations for the facility.

The city told state police on Monday that it plans to terminate the lease in 60 days. The letter from a city attorney stated that the last date of the lease would be April 18.

In a statement, state police acknowledged that “lease negotiations are ongoing but will include other local municipalities for a possible new station location.”

State Troopers have had offices on East Main Street in Endwell for over 45 years. A satellite station operated at the old Hooper School for a few decades before a larger operation was set up at the current site in what had been a city courthouse.

City Supervisor Richard Materese said Wednesday “we are extremely pleased that the State Police have provided service to the City of Union and we are pleased that they are where they are.”

Speaking on WNBF Radio Binghamton Now, Materese said “it’s not that we want to deport them”. He said “the intent of the letter was just ‘Hey, let’s talk about the lease.'” He said “probably the legalese we used was maybe a little harsher” than necessary.

Materese said the state police paid “a little rent” for other substations, so the city of Union is now seeking compensation for the use of its building.

Materese said if the state police move from the current site, the city may consider moving its court operations that are currently in Johnson City to the building.

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